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Filter of perception

The way I see the world

Maybe be different from someone else

The reality i perceive

Depends on myself


My beliefs and dreams

May chance my perception

My story and my experiences 

May cause a deception


The reality may be real

The reality may be objective

But what I'm able to see

May very well be subjective


It doesn't matter if i saw

A mountain or...

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Soul trickery

Two different souls

Two independent individuals

Two souls brought together

That were supposed to be equals


Two souls that found

Understanding on the other

Or that's what I though

Because I was only just fodder


I was happy to talk

I was happy to be me

I was happy for the future

That i wanted to see


I invested myself

In a possible relation


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The Want for Nothing

The want for nothing

Thursday, 09 November 2023


I want for nothing of this world


The grandeur and riches are unappealing.

The delicacy and deliciousness are unappetising.


Wealth turns to ashes in your mouth as you fathom,

The complete idiocy of the system that has become unfathomable.


I want for nothing of THIS world


Nature has turned against us


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lifesocietyinner thoughtsrealisationFirst Blog

To the best mentor he ever had.

Once there was a boy
Full of misery and no joy
Given up hopes a long by
Just in a stand still when she crossed by.

'You can do it. You were great'
This was the first time when someone said..
This feeling of accomplishment he never felt,
This feeling of achievement he never had.

Never had someone who believed in him.
Waiting for a long time, gathering enough guts,
Wanted to say 'thank...

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Scars and Bruises

You always see

when people trip and fall 

face first onto a knee,

The shear panic of a red warm pool. 

People crowd and care, 

Rushing to rescue. 


Drip, drip, drip,

The skin now stained

seeping from veins,

Pumping like a bad memory,

Fixated on the blood

people forget the scars,

Not the one oozing with puss

but the one deep-rooted, 

Crying out for atte...

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mental healthself-carerealisationtoughSelf-awarenessself love

As The Power Lines Crackle Overhead...

Too long, too long
I’ve been too proud
to belong
to let myself lay open
and love
to open myself to love
and follow the flow

But the power lines crackle overhead
as we walk beneath
I reach my fingers for yours
feel the sparks fly
the way they always have

Too long, too long
I’ve been too scared
to belong to one
too envious
too greedy
to let myself just love 
chase the current


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belongingeyes openingloverealisationsparks


She stares at the ocean.

The waves crashing and falling.


Crumbling, Like an avalanche.

Everything falling apart.


For you can’t ride the boat.

You are imobile.

People do everything for you.

A King they would murmur. 

Chasing you, begging for your attention.

Although you fear publicity.


But when that crocodile ran you up that tree

did you dare to b...

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Thoughts are heavy 
in my head,
feeling a familiar 
kind of dread.

The fog crowds, 
absorbs all thought.
The half moon hangs low, 
echoes a perfect glow.

It's dark inside my heart 
when I feel all the parts, 
I fall apart.


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I Lost

Lost my way in the sun,
got lost in my oblivion,
wandered through the maze
inside my brain
found my way
back again.

I broke the wires
back there,
but I make them pure,
gold like a river
I flow.

I let it go,
my hope

My yellow brick road
will take me home
to the silver blue,
my pure, my sweet,
my golden fire moon.

I fell in lust,
the ego owned ...

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