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Mustn't Grumble

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Mustn’t Grumble


Thinks he’s the bee’s knees

One big bumble

He’s doing his best

Mustn’t grumble


All around

Dreams start to crumble

Chin up chaps

Mustn’t grumble


Gets his words

All in a jumble

An Eton boy

So mustn’t grumble



Begins to rumble

He’s such a card

Mustn’t grumble


Staggering on

He’s bound to stumble


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Party Time

A fiery clown has come down

Over forests, lanes and towns.

No trumpets blown, no drums rolled,

Out of the morning mists he strolled.


Yello! Yello! It's party-time!,

He smiled. His reds and golds he sprayed around.

And God's whole house was swathed with hues untold.

All about the orange glowed, crimson leaves displayed.


The ceiling now was light with blue.


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Blind LOVE

You must know
Life is not a show
You go up, you go down
But stop acting like a clown

You may pretend you don't care
Anyway you know what we share
Every time we both meet
We're falling in love a little bit

I do love you but never said
I'll still be like a shade
Will be watching all your moves
One day you'll see it proves

That the one from the past
Was always first to give help fa...

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The Clown

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The Clown


This make-up’s dried upon my face,

gone cracked with age and wear.

I can’t remove this absurd mask.

You’ll never know how much I care.


The girl with pretty eyes will smile,

the clown, so sad, will sigh.

Another chance has passed away.

Another star lights the sky.


You see the clown and laugh at him,

I turn away and cry,


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