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First Flight

sticky wax collected from the ears of ten thousand bees

feathers of every bird save the ostrich

balsa canvas sinew atop the cretian cliffs

with the wings strapped to our backs

from point spinalonga we set out across the sea,

to catch the wind

the culmination of fear as we left the rock

Minos’s men not far behind drove our last steps

the sea beckoned but the wind would not l...

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Icarian Malady

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When I found the time to be
I found that time had passed me by

When my dreams had set me free
Life set its bounds upon the sky

Should my spirit soar above,
My wings the blazing sun would pluck

Should my soul find love
You'd find my cards had no such luck

And though we know the end,
we jump into the cloudy veil;

we quest for dreams, though bound;
the seekers' hearts will thus preva...

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