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Goodbye Lord

Its been a hard road

You helped me build.

Im grateful.

You got me through

Some dark times.

I thought you a light,

A torch in the darkness,

But really

It was my magic.

My fire.

My light.


They told me you were watching

As though it was a comfort.

And I tried

To feel helped


I tried so hard

To give you the love

I was told you created


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If she is omnibenevolent, omniscient and omnipotent;

Then I want to meet her creator’s creator’s creator,

After all, lest we forget, the belief in creationism is infinite……


Curator of secrets. A fraud.

Plagiariser of Buddha. A dictator.

A hypocritical book to dissect,

A lot of information to correct.


Now let’s not try to kid ourselves and pretend to belie...

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A poem for Ashraf Fayadh

Saudi courts, your rule of fear is finished
- the sentence on this poet negates your faith.
Your hollow incantation "God Is Great"
is plainly false if God can be diminished
by lines of verse. Should murder be admonished
to Ashraf Fayadh, forevermore his fate
will hold as evidence that you're afraid 
of poetry. Frankly I'm astonished:

astonished that a land so steeped in culture,
in li...

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Religious Dogma

From the dawn of man when he perceived

When he philosophised about conduct of the life to lead

Hallucination and myth began to unfold

The roots of religious dogma began to grow


Religious text stemmed from man made stories

Written by scholars to express their theories

Taking what you will from whatever you agree

But blind faith is foolish, it is so unreal



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god said “there’s a bone in my soup”

and spat it out


and for many years it crawled

before it learned to stand


where it said “I will make you now a fresh bowl,

from my family’s blood”

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... and where is your God?


A tumour on the brain
steals a life, unformed and pure,
a child,
so please don't tell me there is a God
for I would ask you and where is your God
when the innocent are tortured and slain
in his unholy and despicable name?
I would ask you again and again and again
where is your God,
that is neither holy nor loving
but empty, remorseless and vain.
There goes your God

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There is no god

There is no god,

But One,

One Sea,

One Rock,

One Land,

One Tree

One Sun,

There is no god

But we



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