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With its deep red soil

High high up on the equator

A great green spectacular land


The Nile rapids plummet north

40 million farmers living life

Blue skies, rainy seasons


Lions, giraffes complete Safari’s 

Crazy Kampala where life is slowly fast

Country roads where more people walk

Where Boda’s rule, trucks puff and smoke


Mburo with Lodges on land is...

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Roots and Wings


When someone asks for a memory
of Africa, I always remember
those dusty hours spent outside
Katie’s Khaya under the Mopani…

Quiet melodious chattering,
the smell of sunshine and family.
Bright white sudza plops in the pot
while bundu sticks crackled with fire.

Low stools where we crouched
in total concentration on a square
of a dozen small indents for stones,
scratched ou...

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This stick named Outrage
Is what stirs the masses
Rousing them in anger
Rail against injustices
Wolves in Yellowstones
Gangs in L.A.
Genocide in Africa
Trouble in Latvia, or
Slums in Mumbai.
And while anger is better than fear
This focus remains on the problems
And so the problems remain.
How then to drop that stick,
And let our focus be guided
To solutions?
To set our sails instead

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More Mammy Wata, hopefully better now.

I've done some work on a previous blog entry, entitled 'Mammy Wata'. I hope it's now a little more complete, and makes more sense. I've a feeling it's going to be one of those projects that NEVER really feels finished.


The Yoruba verses


I - Constance


Who comes to visit me,

when the sea is fat with breath

and streets are quiet?

Who is it hangs, one-hande...

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Big Fish in Masvingo Lake

There’s a big fish at the bottom of Masvingo lake.

Old, fat, and ugly, it won’t be caught


I glimpsed it once, on the end of my hook;

Thought I had it, saw its cruel, fierce eyes


The fishing isn’t good in the lake.

The big old one has eaten almost all the others.

People still come to try and catch it


Maybe if the lake dries up

It will be found there at the bottom

Wriggling, squ...

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