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Dirty Heart

nails so immaculate

quiff by top coiffeur

works hours in gyms

voice a soothing purr


swims in hot cologne

really looked the part

nurtured in the mire

harbours a dirty heart


easy to smile and preen

glad-hand the unaware

suppress my defences

enticed me into his lair


had his way, I felt silly

cheated by this creep

trudged home deflated

felt m...

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words formed at waking

a muttering crowd gathers
'round a well of human tears
they lower dirt-sodden buckets to recover
the wet product of night terrors,
tumult and nascent fear

an ejaculate shower glistens
on the dead leaves and automobiles
while nature howls
then hunkers down in silence
posturing for the next kill

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deathfearhuman naturevengeance

the death

too much darkness

no light

i see gas masks around me

too much darkness

i need more light

why do you want to harm me?

why do you hate me so?

why try to suffocate me?

why do you not want me to have my rights?

why should I care for those blacker than midnight?

when all civilities cease maybe then you will understand-

until I get my own I will care for no...

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