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The experience you just had
Has more value than any wealthy man

Dear Sister
Love is found in one tear from your eye
Your service to the one will never be done
A smile from your eye is bright as the sun

The story continues in you and all that you do
Sadness is for a short time but love is for a lifetime

Dear Sister
Surrendered to love now you know where it comes from
Living it uncondition...

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Brahma KumarisDadi Jankispiritual bond

soul mates

Let's let our thoughts tango and let our souls mate

my heart on my sleeve, on display

she is my armor, forever with fervor

worth the search for, pain couldn't hurt more

Her radiance blazes, visually a spectacle

her calming presence.

In essence, my mind linger.

Drift off to the cosmos. to a place where space and time coincide

I see her constellation and engage, warp drive


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earthlovelove makingnaturePainpoetryshapelessspiritualspiritual bondspirituality

Beholder's Eyes

Take a look into my eyes,
And maybe we will find
that between you and me
It's the way that love should be.

She told me I had beautiful eyes
her heart said friends
and her mouth did too...
and my mind's confused now I'm not with you.

See I can be the best friend that I have been for years
or I can be the guy that can hold you near.
But I can't be this.

You said you don...

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