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Counting Sleep

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Counting sleep...


I have so many Pinterest boards,

they overwhelm me...

but it’s necessary I check them

every night before sleep.

Gazing at the beautiful photos

calms me, prepares me for rest.


It’s a mystery - drives hubby mad

considering  for hours...

glittering jewels, intricate designs,

glamourous clothes.

Royal fashion icons addictively

inspire ima...

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Swaying flowers,

passing hours,

birds in evergreens


happy smiles,

worth your whiles

and sappy little trees


muddy faces,

fraying laces,

and a gentle summer breeze


swaying flowers,

passing hours,

making memories

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There’s a bench in the park where an old couple sit

holding hands and laughing as the children play and flit

about on the swings and slides with boundless joy,

inciting memories of when they were girl and boy.

The antics of the kids so full of life and carefree bliss,

their lives laid out before them on paths that time would kiss.


They’ve been sitting on that bench for ...

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