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Always with you

I am here, connected to you
Hiding in the corner
Growing darker as the light grows stronger
Formed shape, cajoined to you
I follow you in the street or lane
Looming dark in mirrored form, defined
Ever present, twinned by shape

Creeping on the floor or wall, a mirror of your soul
Ever here, your silent brother 
Shaped in your darkest desires
My friend, your friend, a soundless mus...

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self reflectionmental battlemental health


What is my heart saying?

nothing I’m not already tired of hearing


Make something new

Build something unique

Start from the ground up, no stealing…


A hug can only help the healing process, not make it


Can I even do this?

Am I even capable of success?

My previous accomplishments taunt me,

With the apparent answer to that question.

Nah, that ain’t me Chief...

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self reflection


Golden Boy with such courage

How do you do it?

How do you know them?

Peoples faces turn when you walk

The talk is more than what you say

As you strut with such glory


Golden Boy with such praise

How did you get there?

Why do people love you?

You’re admired by many 

People strive to live the life

You’ve made it golden Boy


Golden Boy why the facade?


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self reflection


I don't know my way,
I've always walked blind,
dazed by the light,
bound to the dark,
heart tattered and torn,
mind vacant and worn.

The soul had a song once
but I lost it in the fog.

Alone now, 
I wander
forever forlorn,
the bird long flown,
my hope echoing blue
shatters on the sun.


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blueHopeself reflection

Sane × Insane

Why do you expect so much good in other people

Why do you pray so much under every steeple

How can you be ok to be disappointed all the time

And hurt yourself with so much hope inside

You’ll never learn your lesson if you try to be blind

To The bad side of people you try to hide

And let them inside your heart again

Is it a crime to let them cause you so much pain

To the poi...

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The waves come and go
And the sea remains the sea

The reflections come and go
And the mirror remains the mirror

Joy and misery come and go
What remains is what is me

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memirrorSeaself reflection



times and places and being....

always there...

always just out of reach...

glimpses flitting between lenses...

shimmering a way off

in the play of the light in your eyes...

reflecting back

from the window to my soul...

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self reflectionwindowlight

Lantern Lane

It’s okay
in our own ways
we all break
apart sometimes

when we’re apart
I break

I saw the light one evening
walking home
what was I doing 
lost, there
when I should have been 
with you
just you

It’s okay
in our own ways
we all break
apart sometimes

Walking home
I face myself fully
face all I’ve done

And tell myself
it’s okay
it’s alright
we all break

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self reflection

A Noun in White Open Space

A noun all alone in the white open space is at risk,

if it doesn't know its own definition or purpose.

Without knowing its identity, this noun may search for a verb.

Once it finds this verb, it may begin to become active.

After it is active, it may come to dwell upon passive.

Should this be the case, it may call itself just a subordinate clause.

Still without the sense of cause, ...

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