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A Moment Away

We all need a moment away
From whatever we usually do
We can’t be forever the same
We all need a minute or two.

And when we get time to unwind
From the twists and the turns that life brings
What a relief for the chance to reflect
Straighten out, raise our heads, spread our wings.

Then once more to those whom we love
And once more to that which we do
For nothing will greatly have chan...

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Tuning In

This is me talking to me.
Are you in?
Are you listening?
Are you OK down there?
Because we’ve been getting some 
            strange signals
And it’s very worrying.

You’re not lying?

That’s alright then.
Just checking.

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A Declaration

I'm sorry for the things I said
Sorry for the ways I hurt you.

I know sometimes I neglect you,
I find ways to desert you.

I didn't know you wanted me, I didn't know I was allowed
I didn't know I was allowed to love you and keep you for myself.
Your lights, your eyes, your body, your smile,
They're all for me now.

You'll never walk alone,
You'll never feel untouched,
You'll never ha...

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I Don't Miss You

I don't miss you...not really.

I don't even want you...not really.

My empty heart is full of anger and regret, an infection that needs to be detoxed from inside me.

I can feel the grip of what could have been dissolving with every sip of self affirmation and every caplet of affection I imbibe. 

I lick my wounds and feel the poison of jealousy and the sting of my injured pride slowly fa...

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