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Back to the Future

Back to the Future is exciting and great!!
It is one of the biggest movies to date.
It is clever, funny and really sublime,
As we watch Marty McFly travel in time.

By Doc Emmett Brown, Marty is assisted.  
As he goes back in time the plot becomes twisted
When he stops his parents from getting together,
Marty almost reaches the end of his tether.  

This means he is nearly erased from ex...

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Tycho (Deviationist Astronaut And The Zany Karmic Architect)

I'm rushing below the firmament in a submarine
Pulled up by balloons 
Rocket thrusters won't work in a vacuum
The torrid plasma liquid washes over the viewing screen
And the Hubble telescope cannot anywhere be seen
This periscope doesn't recognise the space handed to us it seems..

Am I floating beneath the epidermis of a prison planet scheme
I fear this is way beyond my theosophical steam

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