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True Love never dies

Sometimes situations cause us to part
But none of that matter's if true is your heart 
No amount of distance can tear you apart
Whenever you next meet, again it will start
But one fortunate day you'll find one another once more
You'll welcome them in and they'll never make you sore
Because the love you both share is one most could only adore 
You cherish one another, to  one another's core.

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Speak to me like you speak,
in tongues, or in plain old English
dusted with a view of sparkly seas
or oceans, as you say, my owl.
My crow, my dove, my dolphin
plunging among the waves that roughen,
among the sands that graze and toughen
your skin and hair but soul untouched. 
Tell me of the call you heard
from a distance, from the depths 
of blue or green or blackened water,
the rover, ...

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She Shows Me

The lady is beautiful,
i thought
maybe we could talk
when she tosses those eyes,
i'm struck, the one?
then she picks me up with a smile,
and tells me her name.


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romantic distance love

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