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Sunday Afternoon


Sunday afternoon is a day to wash the car

It’s a day for watching TV, not a day for going far

My missus thinks it’s a day for doing things, things that would otherwise be missed

And certain things like watching TV don’t seem to be on her list.


Her list and mine differ in many ways and they’re hard to reconcile

She doesn’t seem to understand that things can wait a while

Sunday is about fried breakfasts, old movies and cups of tea

Roast beef and Yorkshire pud; well, that’s how it is for me


She’s quite right about the light in the garage needing fixing

(But she hardly ever goes in there so it’s not going to affect her, really)

And there’s no point in the two of us going shopping

(I mean, it doesn’t need two people and I’ll only be in the way , clearly)


I could mow the lawn but then the grass is far to wet

And I can hardly paint the porch when it hasn’t been sanded yet

I’m tempted to wash the car but that John Wayne film starts soon and it’s getting rather late

And the TV remote needs new batteries so I think I’ve got enough on my plate!








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<Deleted User> (6895)

Mon 10th Dec 2012 22:46

Cor blimey Steve! you are run off your feet!.xx

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