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Itchy eyes get claustrophobic
And crawl out of their cradle skin,
Down copper and carbon conductive tracks
That refract, through a Prism.
On through invisible fire walls of steel machines,
A thousand eyes, packed inside, one computer screen.

Crashing through Windows like sun light,
Juicing Apples, and goggling your Google Plus.
The paradime online, access anytime,
Free ride for eyes, the security circus.
The Apple stalkers, putting finger clicks on file,
Peeping through Windows, checking your Facebook profile.

There’s no privacy, that’s what Snowden said,
For your internet, your iPhone, your xbox connect,
Your e-mail address, your TV set,
PlayStation 4, and that hasn’t even come out yet!
Put down for the dog whistle he blew,
It’s a shame no one heard, or they’d be revolution on the news.

Eyes that guide the lies that tie,
Like a twisted shoelace for the mind.
Patrolling paths around my room,
Pushing past the perfume infused fumes.
Past the stylus, that licks Hendrix’s wounds,
Fly the eyes that find, for the guys that lie online.


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Ged Thompson

Sat 28th Sep 2013 02:23

I love this

Ive been very concerned with the rise in technology and the digital revolution and how it is causing tears in person to person interaction.

You go the bank: Machine
Tesco: machine
Try to talk to someone: earphones in

A virtual ocean full of of sharks and we immerse ourselves in its waters.

To the detriment of human contact we also lose the ability to read peoples eyes, the intuitive mechanism to decipher their motives for saying things rather than just hearing what they are trying to tell you and what they would like you to believe.

Conversations ensue with faceless avatars and while in the guise of a 2d illustration they often find detachment from compassion in the same way that it is easier to drop a bomb with a computer programme on a foreign land miles away than it is to cut a mans throat who stands before you. This happens on a micro level between individuals on line. Trolls poke at people at their most vulnerable and predators find prey in the innocent and unweary onliners.

Fuck me, got carried away there....Back to the poem. Brilliant as always Wez. Always like your stuff, its always very good.

Take care mate


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Sat 22nd Jun 2013 02:57

As sad as it is, this is what many fear it has all become. So sad really. It is not born of genuine human interest or enquiry, what it is, is surveillance and a form of imprisonment.

Soon we may even have curfews, and if you look up Agenda 21, it makes for some very frightening information.


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