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The Look Of You In Love

if beauty is the keystone of women

from Cleopatra to Helen of Troy

you beat them into a cocked hat

the way yours generates such joy


its just a miracle of modern science

how every feature fits hand in glove

like rainbows and stars combined

in that ineffable look of you in love


you were always out in the front rank

from those early days of teenage bloom

but wh...

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The Poor Little Dove

The Poor Little Dove


To watch the wind play with the wave,

I sat on a bench by the museum garden pond.


Then a small pigeon came flying,

Landing to her feet, tiny and cute,


And stared up at me, a bit intensely,

Only blinking her eyes, with no other move.


She looked like a baby as a camera model,

Getting me to recall my infanthood picture.


I took s...

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