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Keep The Monsters At Bay

Ugh! Men are preposterous,

Monsters deep inside...

They show the softness on face,

But there is grin they can't hide...

Rise when they & stand by the mirrors,

The mirrors reflect their dark side,

The faces turn gentlemen momentarily,

The emotions otherwise stay dried.


Thoughts hidden and when they bleed,

Reality pours out and strikes hard...

Emotions condensed so...

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monsterspeople and actions

They come from far

Blind, I grown blind.

No color, no light.


Pain, I felt pain.

No matter, no gain.


Looking through the mirror glass,

things happen afar.

Taking notion of them,

as they were part.


There's no true,

there's no lie,

everything stays shy.


Scream, scream for those who can't.


Deaf, I am deaf.

No sound, no play.


Help, they need help.


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Do you want to renounce violence against other people on a personal scale and on an international level, where countries are bombed and shelled? This isn’t good, people are injured and die. Think what happens if I or you hit someone and kill him with one punch, this does happen. If a mortar falls and kills a dozen people in a busy market place.

What does it solve? Each perso...

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