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Friends of many faces

Friends of old, friends of new
Friends who want to help you
Friends of penny, friends of wealth
Friends who're ill, friends of health
Friends of knowledge, friends of wisdom
Friends who are your support system
Friends of youth, friends of age
Friends who free you from your cage
Friends of love, friends of mutual hate
Friends who are early, friends who're late
Friends who are near, friend...

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I’ll draw my line in the sand 

And today that’s where I stand 

Lucky for me the ocean tides will decide

How permanent my line resides 

You can draw yours with ink 

I appreciate how you think 

But I’m far too wild for consistency 

Dance by the fire blissfully 

I only want joy today 

What more can I say

I’ll never behave 

I’m a mother of all 

Come to me when you f...

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New friend

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