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Size Six

don't hide from gleams of wings

or shudder at the vision of veils,

fitful as glances days leak away

against woe a churchyard pales


there's a woman lives next door

Sadie claims she's from Berlin

in her dustbin I found a badge

a Nazi emblem with a gold pin


she seems to live at a low ebb

one not noted for her candour

says her daughter got adopted

I listen, t...

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Theres a pub on the corner
A shop across the way
A patch of grass and monkey bars
Were the children play

No ball games signs
They still play ball
Neighbours don't really mind at all

Neighbourhood watch man two doors from the end
And his little dog his bestest friend

The polish lady who's always knitting
On her step a cat's always sitting

The tie dye artist always covered in pain...

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Folk have too much time on their hands

This mad lockdown's stoking mischief

Families living on top of each other

From bad neighbours there's no relief


They put up a new bird table next door

State of the art, four feeders on a pole

Luring all the birds from my garden

It was my finches and robins they stole


I was unable to sleep at the shock

Worried almost out of...

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Pleased I am that born I was when I was
A time when even though war threatened, and, did occur
Real freedom did exist, or, the alternative was not recognised
Poverty was rife but was borne with the belief in community
Never was there the expectation of improvement by government intervention
For every inconvenience which did, or might, blight aspects of our lives

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Pain in the arse people

always have enough time

to make your life a misery

living close by.


They know by instinct

honed to perfection

that you're fair game

it's natural selection


and if you're foolish enough to complain

they'll simply go on raising their game

to put the screws on

your peace of mind


with barking dogs,

monstrous music,

the ent...

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It's 3 - sometimes 4 in the morning,

When I wake to the terrible tread

As the elephants stamp by on the staircase

To lumber around overhead.


It's 3 - sometimes 4 in the morning,

When sleep leaves and I wake up instead;

At times even daylight is dawning 

When the elephants tramp home to their bed.


But real jumbos are famously quiet,

Their steps are...

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