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Let’s talk about Why no Job is worth your self respect,

Why we don’t take the time to make breakfast for ourselves every morning.

We forget,

Use an egg,

Crack it with one hand.

Learn to crack it with one hand.

Take our supplements 

Buy a French press

Why do we insist on allowing the cooperate world to rule our only world.

I got so tied up in not taking care of myself,


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The Birth


I am the only one, all alone

With none to be substituted.

I am the solace of the sufferers

Everywhere around everything.


I know the secret numbers

To unlock the mind.

I know the dark chamber

Of the soul in eternity.


I overwhelmed the waves of

Our history, surviving along

The time scale of nuisance

Standing erect over the debris


Of beliefs fro...

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Life with CORONA


Be prepared for the worst 

Many things go wrong and won’t fulfill your thrust 

Be productive and be proactive  

You won’t get this quarantine again so use it to its crust. 


Try to find your low-key passion

And work on it with your whole dedication 

Negativity Surrounds along with depression 

Be positive and try to improve your respiration. 


Everything would b...

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Oh you've been shafted and shat on from a great height. You'll never forget any of this. But just like Mandela, you walk with peace in your heart and forgiveness in your soul. A hand of peace for your enemies. No animosity but understanding. Setting an example. For if 7 billion souls do the same, our world is healed. No war, anger or hatred. Be honourable, just and humble. Expect nothing a...

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We talk face-to-face, so close, so fragile. In the morning I say goodbye

my eyes searching her tearful eyes for one last gleam of hope.

Then I go, I promise from the bottom of my heart to phone you and I will

But I never do as the headlong rush that is life rushes me by,

making that one night seem so long ago.

I ask myself, did it happen? R...

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