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Away from the shore

Far away from the shore 

We just want to hear strong roar 

Waiting for us to grow more 

It’s so cold But We are looking for hearts core.


In the wrecked ship were we all lie  

Struggling to hold we might as well die 

Even if we don’t make it to the end 

We are like pearl born and died with shine. 


Somewhere in the corner of mind

Daydreaming about a beautiful lif...

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It’s tough to understand depression 

People just judge on your first impression 

Yes you might fall in one without any precaution 

Then it all depends on how well you hide your inner confliction. 


Depression is Fear of falling from the high cliff 

Which Might break your peace in a jiff

Hopefully With a parachute on back 

However This parachute is a knapsack. 



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Something is Missing

Missing the touch of love 

Where did we lost peace dove 

Everyone cares only about winning at any cost 

Blaming others without considering our own ghost 

Losing hope on love and compassion 

Everyone is covered with some weird fashion. 

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Life with CORONA


Be prepared for the worst 

Many things go wrong and won’t fulfill your thrust 

Be productive and be proactive  

You won’t get this quarantine again so use it to its crust. 


Try to find your low-key passion

And work on it with your whole dedication 

Negativity Surrounds along with depression 

Be positive and try to improve your respiration. 


Everything would b...

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locked upquarantinelife moves onbetter place


You don’t want to fail

I don’t wanna let you down 

But there always a time which makes us doubt 

Fighting each other without making sense 


Why can’t we find A melody between us 

I hope to find a middle ground between us 


Where we can be proud of ourselves 

Hoping on the bed made by our faiths

Where we can be at peace 

However we suffer we can be at ease



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Argumentslost lovemakeup

So called ‘Race’

We are drowning in our own thoughts , everything is blurred

Looking for recognition in this so called world 

Trying to find loopholes for success 

Pressure builds up giving nothing but disgrace 

Competing with our own shadow and it suffocates 

Why are we running in this race? 

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