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Grandpa Poem


Love is something everyone has towards you, For they, too, understand the complexity of you.

Experience is the foundation for your knowledge.

And yet, you still serve cold porridge.

Grandpa, Anger does not influence you, Ignorance does not play you.

And you do not wish for fame, As you have understood, life is a game.

Oh Grandpa, humble and intricate.

I cannot imagine...

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Cairo On The Radio

Down the endless garden 
to a hand-built shed of wonders
and little me, sitting with my grandad
listening to all the voices
pushing through the static

What magic in those wires!
The narrow band, the wide
The squelch and the gain
The whistle and the whine
sounds I’ll never forget

The spectrum of a planet 
Such wisdom in rough fingers
so deft upon the dial
gently they’d ...

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Grandads old chair is empty now, he gone

People say a lovely man hats off to John

a coal miner in his working years, poor sod

His lungs where damage by when 40 0dd 

pit dust rotted his chest and lungs inside

Suffering we watched we could not abide

They sacked him his job he couldn't keep

couldnt catch his breath, nana would weep

he coughed up coal dust from in his chest 


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Grandadyou may kill me ego died

The Last Night with Grandad.

The sun bows, outside the window
Clouds don a shade of black.
In a dimly lit side room,
Bulbs flicker. Hope turns its back.
Clock hands stack the seconds.
Eyelids straining with the fear
That in the hollow of my dreams
You’ll disappear
With the wave of a gloved hand
Under a pristine white sheet.
I trace the wrinkles, map the dimples
Painted upon your fading face.
Until sleep seduces me

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Grandad's Armchair

Grandad’s Armchair

Strange smelling, mustard brown moth-eaten chair, where Grandad sat on a Sunday afternoon after lamb with all the trimmings.

Like a heaving ancient giant, with his mouth ready to catch flies and glasses knocked to one side, he snores and wheezes, his tongue sissing like a snake.

With a choo choo train I fly around and scream and crash and wallop into everything; as Acti...

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