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Corona Virus AKA Covid 19

The news told of a distant menace headed our way, 
that might overwhelm our world, 
like the Spanish flu a century ago 
or the plagues of the Middle Ages. 
They said it was implacable, sure to wreak havoc soon. 

It was like a monstrous hurricane far in the distance, 
threatening everything in its path. 
It was a virus called Corona, a crown of thorns.

They say that, like a zombie, it i...

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I see why love is red.

I can’t tell you.

But last night, you entered my chest

for play, some kind of game, like ‘Operation’

and then I couldn’t sleep

I jolted – shivered – jerked – quirked,

now my eyes don’t close

and my body is a pulse,

you tiptoed across my ribcage,

leaving foot prints enlaced by landmines,

you slept on my lungs,

short wired my arteries,

you clipped the circuits of my ...

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lovereddangervulnerablepaindisasterbroken heartexcitementthrillworry

Canary Girl (Chilwell, July 1st 1918)

Canary Girl (Chilwell, July 1st 1918)

When she went there her eyes were clear,
just seventeen, her skin was fair.
She was my love, my Jeanie dear,
she wore blue ribbons in her hair
of blond, and I could only stare
and wonder at her beauty wild.
The sweet songbird - my only child.

She had a voice that raised good cheer,
when Jeanie sang we were aware
in chapels (and after a beer),

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Ballade Royal Formbomb factoryCanary GirlsChilwellDisasterWW1SITWB

Italia with utube vid link of my gullivers headline gig





Dream of a nation, they built a big airship for Arctic exploration. Things went so well, taking a plethora of readings and photographs till a head wind sprung up. They used most of the fuel battling the wind. Serious technical trouble followed. This would go downhill, fast.

A crash!

Ripping fabric, torn envelope. Sma...

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italia airshipexplorationitalyarcticcrashdeathdisastermystery


staggered by a blow

six hundred million times more

fierce than the first time


man delivered a sun

to bloom and scorch upon her loam

untold shadows


no fire this time in shattering waves

though now, as then, so many souls

vanished from this tangent


and the swallowed star,

made on earth, extracts the same

deadly half-life toll

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'Devastation' (with recent events in Japan in mind).




Leads to candle light

Leads to despair

Leads to repair

Too... togetherness



Leads to who you are

As a people

As a person

As one



Leads to the sorrow

Leads to the loss

Leads to the humbling

That brings out,

the best of human kind


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