Corona Virus AKA Covid 19

The news told of a distant menace headed our way, 
that might overwhelm our world, 
like the Spanish flu a century ago 
or the plagues of the Middle Ages. 
They said it was implacable, sure to wreak havoc soon. 

It was like a monstrous hurricane far in the distance, 
threatening everything in its path. 
It was a virus called Corona, a crown of thorns.

They say that, like a zombie, it is inanimate, 
like Lazarus, coming alive when it invades a cell.  
Then it becomes an angel of death, 
most dangerous to older people.   
It is an invisible, impersonal, sinister killer.

Daily the news becomes more ominous, 
as it becomes a worldwide pandemic. 
We can only delay its devastation, 
perhaps in time to prepare for the worst.  
We keep our distance at three arms lengths, 
to try to stay healthy, not pass it on 
to others more vulnerable. 
We socialize safely outdoors or by Zoom.

Even as the threat widens we're unprepared, 
without vaccine or adequate supplies of essentials – 
masks, ventilators, gloves, the works. 
Governments worldwide missed critical weeks, 
ignored the looming threat.

Although it has not infected us personally, 
we try to delay the impact of the illness itself 
and the devastating blow to the economy, 
as the national debt soars out of control.

                March 22, 2020


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Anna Freeman

Sun 12th Apr 2020 23:10

Thank goodness we have zoom! That is one of the silver linings in this pandemic.

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