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I'm lying awake at 3am

Why am I never intoxicated with positivity? 

Why aren't I a fountain of enthusiasm?

Why can't I see the euphemistic light in this unilluminated darkness?


I'm lying awake at 3am

All of my uncertainties are overwhelming 

The formidable anxiety I've become acclimated with seeps in through open wounds

And yet I've learned to find tranquility in this res...

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By: Yvette Howie
I got home and I was alone
My thoughts whispered and America teemed
Across the street dreams tasted like ice cream
First dates ended in forever partners
My belly cried for food and love
I had no food or love
My phone forgot I existed
It laid dormant
Without so much as the soul of an earlier phone call
Games did not amuse me

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Nightly Events


Nightly Events

I'm used to sleeping alone at night in my bed. No one there.

I'm used to being unloved and unwanted at night, feeling the touch of a bullet.

I'm used to being forlorn and forsaken, dead inside during dark hours. Inside and out. I'm used to having no lover to get wet and sweaty with, damn hot eroticism. Not in my bed or life.

I'm used to having no one hold me...

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