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Graffiti Grannies

Graffiti grannies they are very canny

they never get caught

but their skills are highly sought

they spin a yarn knit and sow

There cover never gets blown

Statues get covered

As do park benches and poles

Even Chinese boulders

Well I suppose we all need something to do when we get older.

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dan hooks poet poetry alienpoetgraffitigranniespoem

Green and wherwell priory's cockatrice

Born of a ducks egg
Hatched by a toad
The dread cockatrice uses wherwell priory as its abode
Don't be caught by its steely glare
Or be made into stone statue
If it catches you with it's eyes
So don't look run 
Or be overcome
It eats and causes destruction wherever it flies
So watch the skies with fearful eyes
But wait a man called green 
Seeks the four acre reward 
He polishes a piece ...

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poempoetrydan hooks poet poetry alienpoetcockatricewherwell priory

twilight of the Idols

James dean and marilyn monroe

its the twilight of the idols show

silver screen wonders of a bygone age

coming from the theatre and the stage

to a silver screeen dream machine near you


hollywood rose from a desire to watch films

it brought in the new age of fifteen minutes of fame

youtube the vehicle of this change

but it wouldn't of taken flight


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dan hooks poet poetry alienpoet

what the world says

What the world says


Freedom is but a lie
Every critic a spy
Love is in the eye of the beholder
Watch it fly away when we get older

Money is the key to locked doors
With open jaws we let it be the law

Knowledge is power If you have the right type
Don't let it grow sour let it be your light

Life is the best teacher
But the harshest one
Faith is a shot ringin...

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dan hooks poet poetry alienpoet

Daniel (pschosis at 16)

These pieces of me can't interact,

they are cracked

into shards

splitting like glass.

My mind is breaking up into pieces,I am literally cracking up

while the stress is mounting

my heart is exploding like a fountain.

I am deluded my mind can't cope with explanations

haystacks without needles.

What am I but despair incarnate?

the clothes I wear the only rem...

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mental healthpschosisdan hooks poet poetry alienpoetdaniel

The watcher

The watcher

He watches all the comings and goings in the park

Always standing always leering

No one ever speaks to him

He is silient as stone

He watches for weeks and years

A marble heart and a marble soul

No tears form on his cheeks he captures only one expression

He watches with eyes that never move or close

Birds are his friends they perch on his shoulders


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statuestandingstilldan hooks poet poetry alienpoet


Trails I leave fingerprints in houses proof that I was there I leave love letters in postboxes to be delivered proof that i care
my poems i publish on the web digital thoughts for people to stop and read i leave paper trails, bank statements receipts of transactions for things i need I am of course more than the sum of my parts but leaving trails is an art paper trails, thoug...

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trailsdan hooks poet poetry alienpoet

Rendition of my heart


There was no warning

It is like you broke down my door

Stole away my heart and left me on the floor

You stormed into my life

Now all I can think of is you

You have taken my heart

put it on a plane never to be seen again

its like rendition

and I know I have not got permission

to take it back

I used to be a love terrorist plotting all types of mischief


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dan hooks poet poetry alienpoet

The Pretender



You were a young pretender

on a mad bender

trying to protect a crown not of your own.

Alone you stood

as mountains of gold turned to dust and rust

You tried to gain your bread, your crust

but the skin the flesh grows weak.

Holy bread can sustain you cried the Christians

manna from heaven cried the Jews

the Buddhists said you have the freed...

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pretenderking of nothingdan hooks poet poetry alienpoet

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