Green and wherwell priory's cockatrice

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Born of a ducks egg
Hatched by a toad
The dread cockatrice uses wherwell priory as its abode
Don't be caught by its steely glare
Or be made into stone statue
If it catches you with it's eyes
So don't look run 
Or be overcome
It eats and causes destruction wherever it flies
So watch the skies with fearful eyes
But wait a man called green 
Seeks the four acre reward 
He polishes a piece of steel as a mirror long and broad
Lowers it into the beasts lair
The cockatrice caught within its own stare
Fights it own reflection
Until exhausted
Then green ran the beast through with a javelin mighty and true
and claims his reward as a hero brave and clever
Green's acres in harewood forest 


poempoetrydan hooks poet poetry alienpoetcockatricewherwell priory

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