In the Dark

I don't want to push you away

I could ruin everything we have

I'm scared one day you'll see it all

And then you'll leave me to fall


I'm trying so hard to be perfect

I've been fighting all my instincts

It's been better for the most part

With you here with me


The thing I do sometimes

I know they don't make sense

The way my brain ticks

I know it's hard to accept


But let me lie close to you

Make love to me in the dark

Breathe you in while you sleep

I think that's a real good start


I'll keep biting my tongue

And hope all the thoughts go away

If I try long enough

Maybe that means you'll stay


It gets easier each day

And I get closer to who I want to be

Holding onto my past

Is just keeping you from me


I want you to promise

But that's not fair to ask

I need us to be certain

But that's too much to have


So just let me lie close to you

And live in your thoughts instead

I'll make love to you in the dark

I think that's a real good start

broken persondamageddamaged heartlearning to be betternew beginningsnew loveold scars

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