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Fingerprints on our Souls

You may think that friendships will never last
That is, until you rekindle one from your past
Sometimes we disconnect as time goes by
But that isn't any cause to be sad or cry
If destiny and  fate cross your paths once more
You will feel at home again, no longer sore
We leave finger prints on one another's souls
That keep us marked until we are grey and old
Time may hold many turns and cha...

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it seems so far away

when we use to play

without care at all

just the playground and the ball.


i think about the time

when playing was always on my mind

in what ever form

it was a good norm.


we played in the sun all day long

and a look from my mother seem to say its all wrong

my son is so tanned

seems like he was playing on the beach sand.


to all ...

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childhood friends

Beneath The Watch Tower

Beneath The Watch Tower


I watch the man who sits below the oak,

his features twisted by the scars of time,

a body wrapped inside a velvet cloak

of moss, that wasn’t there back in his prime.


He played amid the gnawing granite teeth

that sprung from grassy gums of evergreen

and knew nothing of those who lay beneath,

but only those who, with him, danced ...

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