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it seems so far away

when we use to play

without care at all

just the playground and the ball.


i think about the time

when playing was always on my mind

in what ever form

it was a good norm.


we played in the sun all day long

and a look from my mother seem to say its all wrong

my son is so tanned

seems like he was playing on the beach sand.


to all you folks 

before you start your jokes

i stayed in an arid land

with no beach just plain sand.


once we decided to climb a tree 

and guess who we met there uncle and aunty bee

so after being stung

we simply climbed the guava tree and hung.


during the summer months when it turned very hot

my cousin and i thought

to cool off lets jump in the tank

and good lord we did not realize that my grand father could spank. 


as we grew older

we simply became bolder

to create a pool in the house 

we plugged the drain with the help of a tool.


after few days i was simply running around 

screaming and shouting and making so much sound

apparently after a few days my pool started to leak

and a few drops fell on my grandmothers cheek. 


so we joined the activities in church

they also send someone searching

once we decided to eat un blessed host

and the parish priest appeared like a ghost

so we took off before we became toast.


the bishop spoke the homily for so long

that it sounded like a misfired gong

soon i was asleep on the alter 

but woke up when the bishop said we should not listen to the devil and falter.


then came senior school

for all those people who tried to make us fools

we ate each other lunch box before the lunch break

and ate parathas like a piece of cake.


the first class of the day

i simply could not find my way

to sleep i fell

the teacher woke me up after the bell. 


we got punished a lot

not because we got caught

but because they rat us out

and left us in doubt.


Oh! revenge we decided to take

tied behind a friend a paper snake

shot a spit ball in someone's nose 

and ended the school year in a spectacular pose. 


i miss those days a lot 

so many things to me it taught

enjoy everyday while you can

before life takes it away and puts it in a can. 


childhood friends

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<Deleted User> (18118)

Mon 5th Mar 2018 19:35

I love poems about childhood, I write about it myself.
It's that innocence and hope and acceptance of life.
Enjoyed this one.


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