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The Plan

I had a plan to a great story

Not perfect but a happy one

Now I find myself in this smelling, dark situation 

But i hope one day you realise that it was never my intention 

I was left alone to face a cross road or to turn back

But I chose a difficult path

I know there's no redemption for me but I can only hope for one

The plan was supposed to be beautifull

But I hope one da...

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Don't live or forget, but learn from the past.

If you live in the past
sadness will reappear.
If you forget the past
You can't learn from it.

So, don't live the past,
but don't forget the past.

Let it be your guidance
to be someone better
and to make better decisions
for the life you live.

The past is something you shouldn't forget
because whatever it is that you choose to forget
just be glad that it'd happened then not now.

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