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90's New Frontier (Pantoum Format)

I’ll catch you on the information super highway,

where the history of the future is written.

A world-wide wonder created for today,

they say our future is data driven.


If the history of the future is to be written,

this motor of modern society is the place.

Human destiny will be data driven,

in the digital networked cyberspace.


The motor of modern society is the place,

the cyber geeks already know it better.

Solving challenges in networked cyberspace,

and dialling us into their wild web computers.


The cyber geeks already know it better,

surf and explore in this deep open space.

Connected to their wild web computers,

ushering a new age of truth and hyper pace.


Wherever we go in this deep open space,

The internet will be the total bomb.

A new age happening of truth and pace,

and we’ll be there, unravelling the worlds wrongs.


The internet will be the total bomb,

with everyone working great together.

Resolving every world-wide wrong,

open, and swapping knowledge forever.


Everyone’s working great together,

using the world-wide wonder created for today.

Open and sharing knowledge forever,

peace and love on the information super highway.

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