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Loving You Hurts

Loving you hurts

There are mornings I wake up, wondering if you survived the night

Hoping and praying that you didn't hurt yourself

Knowing that you probably


I worry I don't do enough

That I don't tell how much you mean to me enough

Waking up crying because I dreamt you had died

And it felt so real


If I could do anything to make stop your pain I would

But I'm p...

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If I handed you,

one hundred balloons,

you would drop each one,

and float to the moons.


If I blew some bubbles

and watched as they float

you’d soar far above

and here I quote,


“If all the world,

was spinning round,

like a red balloon,

way up in the clouds,

you’d anchor me,

back down”


Well we went and we were,

two ball...

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