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If I handed you,

one hundred balloons,

you would drop each one,

and float to the moons.


If I blew some bubbles

and watched as they float

you’d soar far above

and here I quote,


“If all the world,

was spinning round,

like a red balloon,

way up in the clouds,

you’d anchor me,

back down”


Well we went and we were,

two balloons in the sky,

one anchor below,

to watch as we fly


One red and one green,

two girls in the clouds,

the world at their feet,

and boy, were they proud


Though balloons with fall,

either slow or they’ll pop,

no matter how happy

they’ll eventually drop


So enjoy while you’re there,

up there with the birds,

for when you fall to the ground…

there will never be words.


If one balloons pops,

still one’s there to soar,

until she gets lonely,

then she’s down to the floor


Green pieces will fall,

down miles and miles,

leaving the other to bawl.


She misses you greatly,

as she comes back down,

unable to float,

she’ll be held by a clown.


With one of you gone,

she’ll stay by his side,

to weep and to mourn,

because her friend has died


Though she smiles through pain,

knowing one thing for sure,

she’ll see you again,

when you give her the tour


Of the place you now live,

looking down with a smile,

because you’re still flying,

just up a few miles.



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Laura Taylor

Thu 8th Feb 2018 12:39

My heart goes out to you, I'm so sorry for your loss. This is a beautiful, winsome, densely-coloured poem, that reverberates with profound emotions, and has a wonderfully original feel to it. Well, of course it does, you've never written this before, and you'll never write anything like this again.

Big Sal

Thu 8th Feb 2018 03:47

My condolences. Wonderful remembrance in poem form.

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