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no cause did she leave un-espoused

underdogs were her stock in trade

though slender, she was a freedom fighter

she was a brave and comely maid


we got together in mozambique

in those days that was the place

tending the wounds of a beggar

hers was a fine and open face


critics might deem her reckless

I flew out knowing she would die

she stood to wave, then turn...

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freedom fighterhearticemaid of orleansmaputorebels

Fill me.

Missing life. Empty streets. Cold hearts.

Covering your face what you once criticised on stranger's faces.


Missing love. Empty hearts. Cold air.

Covering the flowers in your heart, the strings of my guitar.


Missing music. Empty stages. Cold rooms.

Covered ears, listening to scary news, not to music anymore.


Missing passion. Empty beds. Cold skin.

Covering all lu...

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The Plains of Babylon

They gather on the plains of Babylon.

“It's party-time dear friends!”, the invite reads.

“Let's shake it down and cross the Rubicon.”

“A stairway up to heaven is our need.”

The plots they thicken, artful plans are honed.

They build their zigurrat to breach the blue.

Bizarre bed-fellows meet and greet, combine

In shifting shapes to overthrow the throne.

“Rise up! Throw down...

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Chapter 23: Stars Are Humans With The Spark

Standing over your grave
Remembering the good times that we had 
Times when you were still here 
But now they are just sweet memories in my head.

The pain is creeping up again 
But I won't let it bring me down 
I can't raise the dead 
But you're still alive in my heart.

Putting roses against your name
With tears leaving my face 
Couldn't see through your point of view 
Too angry to see ...

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moving onRebels

Chapter 22: Friends Like These

I think I’m starting to wake up 
My vision is clearing up but my eyes hurt 
Blurs of familiar faces surround me 
With joyful tears filling their eyes. 

They were the tears of my friends 
Friends who I thought had forgotten me 
I thought I was falling on my own 
But they came to catch me. 

And I thought I was fighting these wars alone 
But they said you're not fighting alone anymore 

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Chapter 21: The King Of Skies

The angels took me away 
Into the gates of Heaven 
There I met a man like no other 
Something was different about him.

No desire in his eyes 
No anger in his voice 
No lust in his heart 
Could he be the one they all pray to?

Is he truly my maker 
The kings of the highest skies? 
He said what's your hurry 
This is not your time to die.

This couldn't be real 
I must be in a dream 
But ...

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Chapter 20: The End is Only The Beginning

Walking around in a strange place 
Am I still alive or dead? 
It is so quiet here
Alone with all these regrets.

There is so much silence around me 
I can hear my own breathing 
This place is becoming awful 
All I can feel is the pain.

Where am I?
I don't know 
Is this Hell or Heaven?
Everything is cold here in this new prison.

Cut from body and spirit 
Stuck between the two realms 

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Chapter 19: The Death of The Rebel Kid

The clocks have hit midnight for me 
I finally reached my end
I have nothing left to live for 
I am closer to the edge of the cliff 
And there is no rope to hold on to.

Time has run out from this soul 
I've given up on living 
But I think I was already gone.

Caught between the ups and downs 
All my faith is fading away 
Broken and alone 
The loneliness comforts my pain.

Drifting away t...

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giving upRebelssuicide

Chapter 18: Roses On Your Grave



I'm standing on the string you left me 
Not holding on and not letting go 
I don't have a strong grip with my beaten hands 
So you spin me around until I lose my balance.

I'm so mesmerized by the way you make me feel 
Like a diamond that caught my eye 
Wrapped up in this web of yours 
The more I pull, the tighter it gets.

Why couldn't you cut the rope and just let me fall? 

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Chapter 17: Rotten Homecoming

My heart has turned to ashes 
At the sight of this home. 
Returning home to a homecoming?
Instead, I find a dead wasteland.

A house turned to rubble and dust 
What has happened to this once great place? 
This graveyard that was once called a home 
Is a result of my anger.

Sitting in the ashes 
Nowhere else to go
I came back far too late 
The guilt starts to build up inside.

How much di...

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Chapter 16: Finding My Way Home

I'll see Mother Earth again soon
Hope everything is okay 
I wonder if things have changed 
Or if things are still the same.

So much time has passed 
Since that fateful day 
But I'm still in denial.

Will you remember me 
When you see my face again? 
I know I have been far away 
But I'll be home soon. 

I finally see the blue earth
I race toward it in hyperspeed
To the point my ship begi...

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coming homeRebels

Chapter 15: Goodbye Is The Hardest Word

What if I just ran away 
Would you even care to look for me? 
It’s not like it would matter anyway 
It wouldn't change the feelings inside.

Sometimes the things I say 
Are just to push you far away 
It’s like I don't care for you 
I'm just better off alone.

Running away from your love 
Saying goodbye in a rusty letter 
The tears from my words will explain 
Because it is so hard for me t...

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Chapter 14: Nothing Lasts Forever

I can't escape this black hole
Slipping back to my old ways 
Because bad habits die hard.

My insides are getting cold 
So guilty and lonely 
Time won't cover up 
These skin deep wounds.

A constant fight for self-control 
That I can never seem to win 
There is no fight left in me.

I can't look at myself in the mirror 
The sight is too painful to see 
I did something that makes me feel d...

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Chapter 13: Love Across The Universe

You look so beautiful tonight
Like a shining star wrapped in gold
Waiting in patience for the moment 
When you make my wish come true.

The sun is kissing the moon tonight 
A hopeless romantic with a charming heart 
Only to tame a girl with a beautiful soul.

You got this seductive smile
Sending a wicked sensation down my soul
How did I ever meet a girl like you?

Stop trying to hide these ...

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loveRebelsspace travel

Chapter 9: The Black Widow

She said don't say a word
Keep your lips locked and closed
You don't need to say you're sorry
We'll save our apologies for the bedroom.

I thought this girl was something else 
Turned out she was a complete mess 
Guns and knives under her bed 
What had I gotten myself into?

Leading me into a place
Where only liars go
I could taste her bad intentions
From her black hole lips.

Now I...

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black widowRebels

Chapter 8: A Night of Bad Mistakes

I met a girl in a bad part of town 
Who turn out to be rebel just like me 
She wanted to play a game of kiss and tell 
I couldn't refuse the tempting offer 

No one will know about our dirty deeds 
She lead me into her bedroom 
Hands in between each other legs 
Our clothes hitting the floors.

Messing around in the night 
Lights are out in this place 
Seducing whispers in my ears 

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Chapter 7: The Birth of The Rebel Kid

Finally found my place in the sun
A place where I can be myself
Drinking a ton of alcohol 
And rocking out on my guitar. 

Living off of candy and beer
And smoking a lot of pot 
Breaking all the stupid laws 
Because being good is so boring.

Creatures of the night run this place
There is no goodness anywhere
You can live like an animal
Or die like prey.

I loving being a rebel
No one can...

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Chapter 5: Dreams and Failures

Waking up from another bad dream 
Or maybe I was having a flashback
Cause most of the time, I can't tell what’s real or not
And the line between reality and fantasy begins to blur. 

In the mirror, I'm the one that everyone wants to be
Like the jocks on the football team
Or those famous Hollywood stars you see on T.V. 
But in the real world, I'm just a boy with a broken pen. 

So I get dress...

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Chapter 4: The Death of The Dynamic Duo

"I'm sorry" is not enough 
For all the selfish things I said to you 
And taking your love for granted 
And always pushing you away.

The rain poured so hard that night 
Police cars and flashing lights 
You're at home in the clouds
Towering over my head.

I found you lying there
Your body kissing the ground
Broken and fragile 
Your blood is forever stained on my hands.

You know I wasn't p...

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Broken heartdeath before their timeRebelsregretsuicide

Chapter 3: The Beginning of The End

I really think you should cherish our time 
Before all the clocks finally hit midnight 
Can't you see I'm still holding your hand 
I wanna let go but I'm too scared to move.

Our future seems eerily blurry 
A ghostly fog leading to the unknown 
Raging thunderstorms covering the sky 
Dozens of raindrops over our heads. 

It's summer but everything is cold 
I can't see you in the darkness

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Rebelsrelationship breakupsad love

Chapter 2:The Dynamic Duo

You just might be another waste of time 
Another phase that is just passing by 
But there is no one else in this town 
That I would rather waste my time with than you.

Look at us, we're such a mess 
Just two kids stupid and fearless
Like fire and gasoline 
We're ready to explode. 

If I'm going nowhere 
I'm going somewhere with you 
And when we leave this town 
We’re gonna leave it upsid...

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RebelsYoung Love

Chapter 1: She Looks Pretty In Pink But Better In Punk

I was sitting on the wall at Homecoming 
Just counting down the time until the dance was over
Until something caught the corner of my eye.

A sweet little thing in a pretty pink dress 
Her glow like the moon at night 
And her hair smelled like rain on a sunny day.

Her eyes made contact with mine 
I felt my stomach turn into butterflies
Is this really happening?

Still frozen from her poison...

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T'hell with Haikus

Practice missed perfect.
Fat lady forgot to sing.
Doctor caught the flu.

Writers are rebels.
They forever cross the line.
T'hell with haikus.

This is poetry.
Not exactly an exam.
Simply a word fest.

Seven syllables
Neatly sandwiched between five?
Great, my pen can rest.


© Candice Reineke 2013

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Flash Mob

Flash Mob,

We're the greatest gangsters

since the Wild Wild West.

For what we do

we're the very best.

We're the Flash Mob,

We're the Flash Mob.


Back in Chi Town they were run by Capone

I prefer to make a racket with my Al CaBone.

Hipsters think the Flash Mob is all about Twitter

but just like Babe Ruth I'm a heavy hitter.

This is a stick up...

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