Fuck it, I’m indecisive

I need to make a decision
And make it fucking quick
A matter life or death
It’s making me feel sick
It’s really not that hard
This thing I need to do
A very simple choice
Number one or number two
I see the merits of both
From my view on the fence
I must fall on one side
Before I can recommence
They’re starting to get painful
These splinters in my arse
I need to make a decision
It's descending into farce
Right, the time has come
I think that I’m there
My biggest decision so far
I’m now ready to share
Oh shit, I’m not ready
I thought that I was sure 
Bottled it at the last minute
Back to thinking once more
I’m really not sure why
As this was a simple mission
Brought to a messy end
By my fucking indecision.


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Chris Briggs

Tue 20th Jan 2015 07:53


Thanks for the comment, that's exactly the sort of comment I like, well, I think I do ;o)



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Graham Sherwood

Mon 19th Jan 2015 22:49

I don't know whether I like this or not!

Good to see you posting Chris,


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