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Bi polar


This is not a phase,

As they all said. 

They told me my emotions are strong,

So I tried to keep them hid. 

Anger rises in me

As I,

 overflow and boil. 


Sadness overwhelms me, 

As I tremble and burrow. 


Happiness is rare,

Almost like,

 seeing an old friend. 



Timid and distraught, 

Cautious of all men. 

Never did I think I could be t...

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bipolarDepression black dog bipolar






I feel trapped inside a cage,

The longer I am in this, I feel the rage,

It builds and builds without any time for notice,

It will become too late to know what I am heading for,

When its unleashed it will become known to everyone making everyone feeling sore.


When this mad and manic phase comes,

It will be too late for the innocence’s,

When I am manic, ...

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bipolarDepression black dog bipolarmental health

The Black Dog

He sits by my side.

He is loyal. 

Always there but so disobedient. 

I want him to go away. 

He looks at me. Is it devotion?

I am devoid of emotion. 

He is so black; he absorbs my life. 

His breath on my neck. 

Colder than death.

His weight on my shoulders. 

He holds me down. 

I need to escape. To run free alone. 

He is too loyal; I am his home. 

He is inside ...

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Depression black dog bipolar

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