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Whilst others may be far away, 
You've no need to leave your room, 
For you can see and hear them, 
Through a device that we call Zoom.

Zoom is a modern method, 
Of which people should now know. 
It is a common meeting place 
Where everyone now seems to go.

Your meeting may be a one off. 
You may have many in succession. 
You might just meet one person, 
Or have lots of them in a se...

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Bursting The Internet Bubble...

As the Millenium ticked over the Dot-Coms were growing fat like leeches on a backpackers legs. Everyone was talking about them bursting and indeed there were a few signs to show that something was going to happen. I was studying for a degree in The Netherlands and one of my elective courses was in poetry. One of our assignments was to take an existing song and write new lyrics for it... This was m...

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The Digital Frontier - Bullshit Two Point Zero

We get our news in headlines and trending quotes

Despotic Tyrants hack computers to sway our votes

Egomaniacs trump their worth from their ivory towers

Politicians line their pockets with money that is ours

Whilst the fat cat bankers and the Global Corporation

Ruin our economies and sell our personal information


It seems the Arab Spring has sprung and broken

And Twits and...

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In virtual villas up silicon valleys

where slithering software saves smart system scans

as digital data on double-click disk drives,

pixelling programmers podcast their plans.


So beware blogging browsers with up-to-date hardware

fragmenting folders and battering RAM,

smashing your windows, uploading your icons,

cluttering your desktop with cookies and s...

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The Valley

The valley


Streets filled with purpose

The Silicon valley is alive and well

Suitcases and Range Rovers 

Palm tress sweep the sky 

motorists hurry to plug in 

horns honked with kindness

coffee filled with sugar and whipped cream 

more a milkshake than a jumpstart 

two hour snack pow wow 

heated ping pong power lunch 

making apps to scratch your back 

and pic...

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