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when all your life just seems to way you down
when you dont know where to go 

when the darkness threatens to over come 

remeber you are not alone


when you feel as if this horror shall never end

when the sun is blocked out by sadness

when all you see is a never ending road

remeber you are not alone


when your friends are there 

but you cannot hear them

when laug...

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Being alone

Chapter 6: Lonely Road

entry picture

Walking away from my friends 
Leaving them all behind 
This is a one man road 
Where I'm going is somewhere no one should follow.

They’re looking for me high and low 
But I'm nowhere to be found 
Give up the search and rescue 
You will never find me.

I'm on a quest for something that I'll never find
Where I go, pain will follow 
This lonely heart will never beat again. 

This yellow-bric...

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Being aloneleaving townRebels

The Faol's Tale of Forsaken Love

Leader of his own pack,

A high slope, only to his lonesome self,

Lost connection toward the skys tired eyes,

Ears tucked in deepening sulk.


He'd given up on prey's prayful ease,

Wrapped in dolefuls constructed salute,

As if every pelt surrounded him in scorn,

Soon forgotten travail, a yelp inflicted his oiled mood.


Cascading into his perception, he had seen a limb...

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