The Faol's Tale of Forsaken Love

Leader of his own pack,

A high slope, only to his lonesome self,

Lost connection toward the skys tired eyes,

Ears tucked in deepening sulk.


He'd given up on prey's prayful ease,

Wrapped in dolefuls constructed salute,

As if every pelt surrounded him in scorn,

Soon forgotten travail, a yelp inflicted his oiled mood.


Cascading into his perception, he had seen a limb stuck in trama,

The auburn coloured faol cast a hazy pleading,

Making haste, he looms to unbound the catastrophe biting her leg,

Cleaning the detriment, taking dilligent steps to recover the bleeding.


After moments of mending the wound,

The flowing had ceased,

Into starburst, glazing alleles,

Their minds an open book, read.


After days of impeccable warmth,

Her leg had not a scratch,

Healing quickly, as their fickle love,

Had lit a sensitive match.


Soon there, his paws meandered but a distance,

Misplacing his words to just his thoughts,

As he was driven away, he had then forgotten,

His love had been in life, brought


He trailed back in attempts to be sincere,

But, there hadnt been a remain of her,

She left in regret, false accusing her own self,

Leaving the lonesome faol and her self back in a blur.




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