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She walks a marathon distance each day,

passing people she has known for years

now unrecognizable, vague, like shadows.

She no longer engages with them,

struggling to distinguish between the faded faces.

She retraces each step, regardless of the weather -

always dressed for it. Back and forth.

The same handful of routes trodden in sequence.

The same street corner where she...

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old agedementialost memorieslost yearslost treasuresAlzheimer's

Awaiting Bliss


I'm no longer me, she said


Later, when clouds passed by

Her mind went with them

She discovered it, sometime later

in a jar upon a dusty shelf

In a room unfamiliar

Where Time had nibbled away

at the glistening softness

to leave a part of it missing

But she wasn't to know

It was others who relayed it

In sympathetic stares

And, enforced, Mona Lisa smiles


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The Withered Vine



I watch her slowly

 fall from grace

Her body still

Her mind displaced

New memories 

no longer stay

they simply  


drift  a w    a         y

Like a mist around

a mountain old

that dissipates

as the dawn unfolds

She's there in body

but sparse of mind

Sometimes it's hard

to seek, and find

The vibrant woman


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I may forget where I put my keys. 

I may forget my phone.

I may forget what day it is.

I may forget my way home.


I will never forget sunsets over the ocean.

I will never forget blessings from above.

I will never forget soothing melodies.

I will never forget the love.

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Hello my friend, welcome aboard

The ship they call 'Alzheimer's'

There's forty thousand under sixty-five

'Young onset' to 'Old timers'


It doesn't matter what you call it

The umbrella term's 'Dementia'

On the ship they call 'Alzheimer's'

Every day's a new adventure


Forget your hip replacement

And your osteoarthritis

They we...

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