i am made of water and so are you



oh monster/oh mother now here is confusion 

when i lay with you, lets sleep with nothing on 

the lamps on fire and oh would you put it 

where i am made of childhood fear 

plant seeds in my mouth and pull wolves from my tongue 

that trees could flow forth from smoothest confusion 

grow apples so red that the doctor is weeping 

while for you I am starving I am starving I am starving 


in the hospital they put a gown on me 

a shaking man, a bride to be 

◄ short poem after chronicling the lessening of sentience in my mothers emails during the past year

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keith jeffries

Thu 18th Apr 2019 20:55


I have only this minute come across this poem. It has the most profound quality to it, which speaks of that unique and intimate relationship between mother and son which spans many years of love and trial. I stand in awe of this as it reaches depths I could not venture to but sit in my subliminal mind.

Beyond words
Thank you Keith

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Laura Taylor

Thu 11th Apr 2019 13:38

Neither ?

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Stu Buck

Mon 8th Apr 2019 21:22

thanks martin. you have expressed almost perfectly what i had intended to portray which is just great!

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Martin Elder

Mon 8th Apr 2019 20:14

This speaks of a real fragility about the individuals involved in their relationship and the confusion which for me is summed up in the title. Another great poem Stu

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Stu Buck

Mon 8th Apr 2019 17:51

but is it love to hate or hate to love?

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Laura Taylor

Mon 8th Apr 2019 16:27

Cor, pull wolves from my tongue.

I hate/love you Stu ?

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Stu Buck

Thu 4th Apr 2019 20:44

cheers both.

i will take incestuous, disturbing sacrificial rite!

i cant think of higher praise

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Wed 3rd Apr 2019 17:16

The all consuming mother has a formative role to play and she is the bedrock of all this consummation as I see this Stu. There is hidden veiled promise and a sort of yielding all hovering. The last two lines sound like a sacrificial rite almost. (Slightly reminiscent of To the Devil a Daughter c/o Hammer films. ) Get me out of here.


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Stu Buck

Wed 3rd Apr 2019 17:06

thanks rachel. i appreciate that. hope you are well


Wed 3rd Apr 2019 16:32

You have an inimitable flair for reaching right into the guts of what might otherwise seem banal--a sort of shock to the senses but refreshing.


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