think back/pink black

i am idiot young and 

in the back of the car 

i close my eyes just so 

the light of the sun 

between the trees beats a tattoo 

behind my lids and lenses 

and that is all I want to be 

just then - isolation 

pink black pink black pink black 

a heartbeat from 8 minutes before 

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Stu Buck

Tue 30th Apr 2019 12:52

i did that too! glad you liked the poem mate been reading your daily contributions with great gusto.

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Laura Taylor

Tue 30th Apr 2019 10:15

Only just seen this. Idiot young is a great expression. And I've done this kind of thing so many times. Closing each eye in turn to flip-flop perspective was a favourite of mine.

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Stu Buck

Mon 29th Apr 2019 23:03

cheers ray! hope you are well mate

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Mon 29th Apr 2019 22:29

wonderful concise writing the sense of movement of being in your head is exquisite Stu. A design classic of a poem.


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Stu Buck

Mon 29th Apr 2019 20:59

thanks trevor thats lovely of you to say!

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trevor homer

Mon 29th Apr 2019 20:24

The economy of words is impressive. The impact exceptional.

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Martin Elder

Wed 24th Apr 2019 22:28

Yep I am planning to be there in June. see you soon

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Stu Buck

Wed 24th Apr 2019 12:08

thanks martin. will i see you at Sale in June (might be there next month as well as i know the people guesting)

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Martin Elder

Mon 22nd Apr 2019 22:25

such fond memories so well summed up here Stu. I can remember doing such a thing myself at a certain idiot young age.

Nice one

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Stu Buck

Mon 22nd Apr 2019 18:09

thanks for all your kind words

i'm glad this resonated with you

its all i could ever ask!

(thats what i drink brian and i assumed i was the only one!)

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Brian Maryon

Mon 22nd Apr 2019 17:02

Just had this experience... though mine involved three pints of Bathams on an empty stomach. Enjoyed your piece Stu.

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keith jeffries

Mon 22nd Apr 2019 14:18


This captures an inconsequential moment of time with the precision of a surgeon with a scalpel. I am entranced by its brevity and intensity.

Thank you

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Wolfgar Miere

Mon 22nd Apr 2019 13:30

Hi Stu,

great stuff. I have attempted to describe that epilepsy inducing sensation of pink black which strobes through trees and buildings. I think I used silver and black.

"Idiot young" is a fantastic term, it allows reason and acceptance/forgiveness for its specific condition, it is not therefore derogatory, that's a clever combination of words which a less probing imagination could never formulate.

Great writing Stu,


Just popped in for another read and the power of the final line impacted. How past events imprint our thoughts and can come randomly as if from nowhere and beyond our control. That is an exceptional piece of writing/thinking, pared right down to the bare bones.

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john short

Mon 22nd Apr 2019 13:28

Hi Stu, it captures a moment intensely we're right there experiencing the moment but then there is the enigma of what's coming next.

John S

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Graham Sherwood

Mon 22nd Apr 2019 13:28

Once in a while someone defines a perfect moment with clinical brevity and the outcome should be framed and hung on a wall. Brilliant Stu.

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