??Love isn’t a choice it’s what we’re programmed to feel 

You can’t hide it forever 

No ones hearts made of steel 

Yes superman tried and he fell for Lois Lane 

Only 007 was a sinner because he kept playing the game 

But long lasting love is a one time thing 

It’s something that when it starts ends in a ring 

Let your love find a home 

Let your heart and soul find a place to rest 

And you’ll find the family follows as you build your nest 

We don’t take to the grave all the items we collect but we do take with us love 

It’s something you won’t regret

Deny all you want but remember this verse 

In years you may come read it again. 

And remember you learned it here first ?? 


◄ wife’s anger

The Stranger ►


<Deleted User> (16099)

Sat 7th Apr 2018 15:59

Beautiful and insightful thank you for sharing a piece of your heart......

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