The Stranger

Maybe it was the sudden drain of colour from his cheeks, that I started to notice over the last few weeks 

The vacant expression id started to see in his eyes, like the person he was, the glint that dies

His shift in body weight as he had gone from walking heel to toe 

Was more a shuffle, a dragging, just no up and go


Clean shaven, his fresh scent 

Had been replaced with worn clothes and a smell not fresh like a gent 


Of course we notice these changes and we smile and offer our “good days” and “how do you do”, not to listen to an actual response just a mechanical, “I’m fine, how about you”


It’s clear now he was a changed man 

The depression has beat him, left him isolated this wasn’t his life’s game plan 


His death was sudden, the coroner said 

He’d just been there a while hanging by his bedspread 

No visitors had found him it was the build up of mail that cause the police to be alerted and find this bloodshed trail. 


No I didn’t know him .. I just passed him on the street 

He was a stranger to me except for that hello in a morning as I got on the bus and found my window seat.

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Ria Richardson

Sun 18th Nov 2018 23:52

Thank you all for taking the time to read and again for your comments, they really help ❤️ Much love

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Mon 20th Aug 2018 20:14

This is almost like a curse to the caring Ria; as poets we can't help our reactions and empathy, as you have amply illustrated. It does gently pull us in. The world is full of strangers. I knew a neighbour who was meticulous and thorough - house exterior spick and span. I noticed a slight deterioration over months. He ended his life - just loneliness.


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Mon 20th Aug 2018 08:29

Excellent one.

Big Sal

Mon 20th Aug 2018 02:50

Packs a punch, grabs a hold, and never lets go. Well done on this emotional piece.?

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