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Enjoying the poetry.


PERSPECTIVE from high vantage point I gaze ’cross valleys to far distant hills where on just meadows at my horizon bright sunshine spills ’neath clouds I ponder were I to paint this scene stretched out before me in many shades of green where the furthest field and furthest trees have the lightest grass and the lightest leaves a trusty art expert would surely be bound to say I’ve painted it the wrong way round. --------------------------------------- TEARDROPS IN MY COFFEE Sitting in a side-street café, Staring out at the rain. My eyes as wet as the windows, Mirroring my pain. Plain bone china teacups, Cutlery in steel, Rose bud in a little vase, Like me it isn’t real. Blue and white check tablecloths, Slate grey skies outside. Teardrops in my coffee, You left me with no pride. Not the man I first met, Nor the one I thought I knew. Not the man who loved me, But the one who left me blue. Waitress clears the tables, I guess she wants to close. Looks at me kind of funny. I’d best leave, I suppose…. ----------------------------------------

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Rose Casserley

Tue 18th Jul 2017 10:14

welcome back Lynn!

Rose 💋

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Alexandra Rockwell Lorenz

Sun 3rd Jul 2016 12:14

Thank you for commenting on Tired. I am happy that you enjoyed it. Congratulations on Poem of the Week last week. I didn't get a chance to comment but I enjoyed the piece a lot!

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Harry O'Neill

Tue 28th Jun 2016 12:54

congratulations Lynn, on a first class updating of the classic nonsense takes some doing to get a `catch on` title like that.

(I think the congrats are better done here)

Rebecca Miller

Tue 21st Jun 2016 13:06

Thank you Lynne for your kind comment on Shared Dreams :)

Rebecca Miller

Thu 16th Jun 2016 12:49

Lynne-thank you for the like on Worship :)

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Jade Kelly

Sat 11th Jun 2016 12:41

Thankyou so much for your comment on 'a boys pride'

I'm glad you agreed with some of my points and humor is not my forte, so I'm really grateful you thought it worked well.

Take care!

- Jade

Rebecca Miller

Sat 11th Jun 2016 11:39

Thank you so much Lynn for your comments on Sinus Rhythm and Taste. As well as on my profile page :) I look forward to going back on your page and reading your posts xx

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Ian Whiteley

Fri 3rd Jun 2016 23:25

thanks for commenting on 'Xenophobe' Lynn - I'm pleased that you liked it :-)

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Thu 19th May 2016 23:41

Thanks for your comment Lynn, really appreciate it :)

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Wolfgar Miere

Tue 17th May 2016 15:11


are you stalking my thoughts? its OK I don't mind in the least, maybe I'm vibing off you?

Tom's and Graham's pieces were both great, glad we agree.


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Wolfgar Miere

Mon 9th May 2016 14:22

Hi Lynn, thanks for your recent likes on some of my submissions. Much appreciated.


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Matthew Nicholson

Fri 29th Apr 2016 13:42

Hello Lynn,
Thank you for your response to my latest poem, A 'Sleep peacefully at las'. Much appreciated.

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Helen Elliott

Tue 26th Apr 2016 21:03

Thanks Lynn for commenting on Her Scent on Silk. I posted a while back but then, like you, I took a little break from WOL :) x

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Mon 25th Apr 2016 16:11

Hey Lynn, thanks for the comments on my poems it made me feel great and really gave me that little push I needed to begin writing more. I'm in love with TearDrops in my Coffee, have a great day!

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 25th Apr 2016 15:49

Hello Lynn - I appreciated your comments about my
Referendum Calypso. Your use of the word "safer" in
context of EU membership had me thinking that maybe
many others think that way.
The word doesn't apply militarily as NATO has that
responsibility so I assume your meaning is more "financial".
Notwithstanding the many billions per annum we contribute
at present and the fact that our trade has to be made via
the rules of the EU which prohibits government self-help
for our industries etc., it seems very likely that in the
longer term this historically famous and successful trading
nation will be able to revert to a prosperous SOVEREIGN
nation. It must be stressed that the EU seeks centralised
political control over all its members. Do WE really
want that?

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Helen Elliott

Tue 12th Apr 2016 21:50

Thanks for your comments on These Streets. It's a very bleak picture I paint, I think it has improved beyond recognition since then. I wouldn't know though, I tend to steer clear :) It certainly aint Arillas ;) x

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Ian Whiteley

Wed 6th Apr 2016 00:10

Thanks very much for your kind and supportive comments on 'Catechism' Lynn - much appreciated

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Matthew James

Sun 27th Mar 2016 21:35

Hey Lynne,

I really like your poems. The one about the young lovers was ace (19 year old lad and 25 year old girl). I'm very much learning the trade, so that's all for now

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Wed 23rd Mar 2016 10:46

Lynn, I've missed you! Thanks for commenting on the 'poo' poem.

I don't log on daily, sometimes only twice a week, and then I do try to catch-up with reading Poetry Blogs, and making comments if I wish. I must look like a comment-hog sometimes, but I have to do it when I can. So I tell myself - don't worry about it - just enjoy your couple of hours. There are some fine poems on WOL these days, and many fine poets who have not returned after a short 'relationship' with the site. It is impossible to be 'all things to all men', yes?

I like 'Teardrops in my Coffee'.

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Mon 21st Mar 2016 11:12

Good morning Mr&Mrs D...(and Benji D!)...;O)
we apologise for not getting back to you sooner,but we've been up to our scrawny necks in one thing and another (hundred).............;o)

and re doing the 'disappearing act' for a while,well that was due to a certain lady (no names mentioned Patricia) who was left in charges of the 'controls' with the purpose of updating our profile,and ended up pressing all the wrong keys!

so having gone into an embarrassing forced retirement from WOL,we decided to let the shame down for a while-


Now,with the Master of the house (yeah right) at the wheel,so to speak,things,your friends are back to normal-or as normal as they medicinally can be-LOL!

lorra lorra love-

Patricia and

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Tommy Carroll

Sun 13th Mar 2016 23:21

Hiya Lynn, you're looking good, been anywhere interesting? ;-) Tommy

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Sun 13th Mar 2016 22:30

Once again Lynn-lovely to have you back!

All the best to all.

Patricia &

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Dave D Poet Rhumour

Wed 25th Feb 2015 03:04

Thanks Lynn, I appreciate your comments on 'Last Hope Of Redemption' my friend. :) Best wishes, Dave

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Dave D Poet Rhumour

Sat 21st Feb 2015 16:55

Thanks for your comments on 'Don't You Dare' Lynn. Peace is the only way to achieve any stable world order - we've seen all attempts to use violence fail throughout history - and each time a new megalomaniac tries his hand, their reign is shorter than the previous bunch.

Of course they are generally too egocentric to notice history shows they have little prospect of success beyond a few years at most. best wishes, Dave

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Tommy Carroll

Sat 31st Jan 2015 17:28

Lynn, thanks for your comment on" Her parted lips". I can't find my work on the main page! How did you and Ged? Tommy

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Dave D Poet Rhumour

Tue 2nd Dec 2014 17:30

Hi Lynn, thanks for your comment. :)

On the topic of another dog, I think that will wait a little while - we might decide to move again early next year, so it would make sense to postpone acquiring another woofer until then.

The idea of being a little way outside of town appeals, not 'out in the sticks' again, but just far enough to make dog walks a rural path rather than pounding pavements, hehe.

Keep smiling :) Dave

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Tommy Carroll

Wed 16th Jul 2014 23:33

'Drift'..Drift! I get your drift x

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Ian Whiteley

Wed 16th Jul 2014 19:53

thanks for the comments on Craiglockhart Lynn - now recorded it as a very up tempo punky song - really suits those fast rhythm repeats - posted it to my FB page - cheers

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Ged the Poet

Wed 18th Jun 2014 23:56

Hi Lynn
Thanks for the reply about World Cup Widow. I just wanted to put a different take on the World Cup and from a female perspective. Domestic Violence is dreadful and statistically it increases when England lose. Love is blind... and lets hope they win.

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Ged the Poet

Wed 4th Jun 2014 17:34

Hi Lynn
Thank you very much for your comment and to welcome me to WOL it is much appreciated. On your 'Teardops in my Coffee' I love the first verse..
'My eyes as wet as the windows, mirroring my pain'
Sets the mind of the reader to think why. You just want the waitress to give you a little more time in the cafe. Lovely poem.

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