their first night together

the taste of his lips

savoured on her tongue, she waits

with seductive eyes.


her nakedness lures,

striving for satisfaction

his release is sweet.


she wants to cry out

“too fast!  too sudden!  slow down!”

yet fakes her pleasure.


was that it? she thinks,

he yawns, farts and turns over

soon starting to snore.

haiku style

◄ sensual awakening

The worst enemy ►


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Lynn Dye

Wed 15th Jun 2016 12:48

Jemima - yes, you did tell me, but there's no stopping me, is there? Ha ha. Anti-climax notwithstanding! ;o)

LCPTB - yes, it's disgraceful, isn't it? What are we coming to? Thanks for the like, anyway. ;o)

Jemima Jones

Mon 13th Jun 2016 22:35

what did I tell you Lynn,about these kind of poems? remember? wasps and jam pots! haha.Thank you.Jemima.

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Lynn Dye

Mon 13th Jun 2016 19:13

Thanks Everyone.

Harry - taking the micky? What, me? As if! Ha ha, well, maybe a bit, although to be honest, I ad-libbed the last two verses when the second one went too quick!

Colin - yes agreed, haikus can work as longer poems even if not as traditional. Thank you.

Tommy - I'm glad you realise that point, ha ha. Thanks, your comment made me laugh.

elP - I'm sure I have heros in other writings, just not in this one!

Thanks also to Wolfie and Simon for the likes.

Lynn x


Mon 13th Jun 2016 01:26

SuperVillain AntiClimax strikes again..oh where oh where can our hero be?

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Tommy Carroll

Sun 12th Jun 2016 23:06

Women don't fart and I have the bruises to prove it.

<Deleted User> (13762)

Sun 12th Jun 2016 20:13

I like haikus made into poems like this. I've done a couple myself and wonder why it's not more popular. After all, what is language if not to have fun with? Great stuff Lynn.

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Harry O'Neill

Sun 12th Jun 2016 16:34

I`ve got a funny feeling that this one is `taking the Micky` in more ways than one. :)

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