Restless Inner Solitude

Restless Inner Solitude


Alone amongst others

lost in a crowd

alienated without choice

friendless with no voice

killing time alone

a desire to speak

an inability to do so

cocooned in a crowd

self imposed exile

inner repression

detached from humanity

seeing but not speaking

but why?

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Crushed once more

as flotsam and jetsam

used and re used

as a kitchen cloth

generosity freely given

abused with a wince

a discarded wine bottle

no longer of value

recycled humanity

bereft of self respect

no respect for others

a forest fire rages

scorched earth remains

but nature does renew

pain and recovery

restored by the dew

as w...

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To Hoard

To Hoard


Don´t throw it away

as it might come in use one day

Shall we put it in the loft?

O don´t be soft

Better in the garage

with all the other baggage

Let us cut out all this din

and put the lot in the rubbish bin

I would rather stay with caution

and at least keep a portion

I suppose you think that I am a magpie

said with a resounding sigh

I could not...

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Nebulous seas of unchartered waters

break their waves over the forecastle

of our insignificant  beings

Raging storms, gusts of hurricane winds

batter the rigging of a ship tossed about by fear

Then we stumble into the tranquility of the waiting doldrums

where mother nature settles the ocean to that of a pond

We are aghast by the stark reality of drought,


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Free Thinkers

Free Thinkers


Humanity is its own manipulator

in complete defiance of its creator

Life becomes institutionalised

yet sadly seldom realised

Religions and Ideologies do confuse

as they inspire many and enthuse

Institutions are man made

with foundations badly laid

They aim to control and indoctrinate

and are frequently the sources of much hate

Free thinkers and m...

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Winds of Freedom

Winds of Freedom


O random air with such celestial flair

do take me from all this daily care

I caress you for a flight of freedom

to a new and perfect blessed kingdom


Blow me on a breeze of liberty

releasing me from all temporal misery

Take me to another yet distant place

free from this infernal terrestial place


May I share your breeze so light

to carry ...

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