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The Godfather Part III

On a Saturday night many years ago

I’d be out and off to town

But these days a typical night

Is watching TV

Just like tonight

Watching The Godfather, Part Three


It wasn’t a bad film

Although hardly up to parts one and two

If my childhood was part one

Then I loved it

I had lots of fun

I lived it for the most part, carefree


Part two was mostly about


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there once was a boy

good-hearted and innocent

worried not about the 

flecks of mud

clinging to his toes

thinking not on the

stinging scrapes

kissing his knees

worried not

save for the dwindling daylight

that brings an end

if only temporary

to his fun


there was once a man

chased by the sun

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When you are young,

You wonder what life is about;

When you are old,

You still do not know.

It’s only when you’re middle-aged

That you think you understand,

Because of tears you shed at funerals

And the trail of your footprints in the snow.

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You were supposed to be temporary.

A Mr. Right Now

But you were so persistent when I was so hesitant.

You opened your arms when I shied away.

So believe me when I say, that it hurt to be betrayed. 

You looked me in the eyes when you told your bold face lies. 

I wanted to believe you, I almost believed you, because deep down I didn't want to lose you. 

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Life Tercets

A story about
                an old poet
    and his cottage

A dream of an old mariner
                lost in Wales
    adrift on his words

A memory of
                a young boy
    on his maiden voyage

A memory of
    lost at sea

A line on a chart
                between a girl
    and loneliness

A communion

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Before The Revolution

Angry nights of solitude

Blank faces of nightmares

Voiceless pain of memories

Everything is so crucial


Everything is so fine tuned

With each others like the

Ecosystem in and around

All are in perfect harmony


And I alone lonely along with my

Broken dreams and failed desires

Fractured faiths and buried beliefs,

Like the hermits walking on


Time h...

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I have failed at everything.
Everything I try to do.

I have failed in school.
I was never well behaved.

I have failed at work.
I was never a very good slave.

I have failed at family.
Where are they now?

I have failed at life.
I’m barely making it somehow.

I’m not a famous person.
I’m not a wealthy man.
I’m not a holy guru;
Nor wanted by any friend.

I’m just goo...

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A thousand times regret.

Choices made,
that cannot be unmade.

Stupid things,
done again and again.

laid for a useless life.

Coming to an end for some time.

At least death will be done right.

Kind of hard to screw that up.


(Photo taken by poet. It's the Pennsylvania hills behind Frank Lloyd Wright's Kentuck Knob House.)

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We Don't Trust Them

We don’t trust them.
Those giants who rule the Earth;
those fallen ones who stole our dominion.

We don’t trust them.
Those royal descendants of “gods”;
those of the divine blood line.

Why should we trust them?
They live in castles even today,
while we still cower in caves.

Why should we trust them?
From days of old,
we die in their wars,
we beg to consume what they own.

Why sh...

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I remember in poverty,
eating ramen noodles,

Beans and Weenies.
Meatless sauce

Rice, Rice, Rice,
without any real

Bologna Sandwiches.
Hamburger Helper

Fried Spam,
and all kinds of meat,

Hot Dogs on a stick,
burnt to a

Catfish from the creek,
yellow belly

Milwaukee’s Best.
Another broken

The cheape...

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Heads or Tails

Like a coin

tossed in the air,

chance will decide

whether I will land heads or tails


To have control is almost impossible,

when I think I'm at the top

someone incapable or enviously sick

comes from behind

and knocks me down to the ground


I get up smiling,

starting again;

leaving nothing half done,

that's how I face life;

even when insults rain down ...

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The following piece of writing -


"It's weird how a conversation 

That you had yesterday,

Makes you feel like a nonversation. 

Despite, you would want to give 

Life to some word,

To make it feel like a conversation."


Was found in the journal

Of a teen who had tried 

Hard to make things right,

Before he finally decided 

To give up on all the 

Love and nu...

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