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Darkest Times

In the darkest times, there is always a light,

Someone who will hold you, or just sit with you,

when you are feeling doubt.

Maybe it's a person? Or maybe it's a dog? who looks at you with non-judging unconditional love,

and makes you know everything will be alright!

That makes you put  on your armour and continue to fight,

Because warriors might lose battles and even have scars,


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She strapped on her warplane and flew away to fight

Russian jets being the enemy to be hit

Her missiles were old like her plane


But it was a good one well built

Serviced by her mechanics to perform

When ordered to do by her


She the tip of the spear just a gal

Reason I love my mistress the pilot


Defending our nation each and every day

She already ...

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When the higher power noticed the world went crazy and strange
They sent us magical beings and their mission would bring great change
Wishes and prayers were sent to the sky nothing went unheard
A delightful loving messenger in the form of a little bird
A warrior bird with magical feathers and a aura not before seen
Emerald warrior in air on land ..her name is Ava Green

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Warrior of God

"God, God!" I yelled and cried.

God why have you abandoned me.

I drank to see if the pain would go away.

"God!," I said I still feel hurt

I still feel pain!

Then I finally gave up and cried for days and saw nothing but darkness

Then a voice came and said, " Get up, don't give up, put on your shield, put on your armour!"

The voice was mad the voice was hurt the voice was comman...

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