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Tap. Tap.


Tap. Tap. 

Distant sound from above

Kept silent within a fragile soul

Tap. Tap. 

Drowned out through fear and love

A wind beyond a persons control 


Tap. Tap. 

The baying of the storm

Branches frolicking on every gust

Tap. Tap. 

Long shadows start to form

Fickle weather displays it’s disgust


Tap. Tap. 

When will it cease?

How does the window ...

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With so many things I am too impatient
Which often leads to much frustration.
I have to get things done in time,
A constant quirk I must call mine.

So I get to places far too early,
Then hope this does not make me surly.
Why? I do not understand.
Why don't I stick to what I'd planned.

I'll aim for patience. If I try,
Then perhaps for me time will fly.
So from now on I must take my ti...

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ImpatienceStuart Vanner

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